The largest city in the state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is the home to the international headquarters of nine Fortune 500 companies. It also has a big number of financial service firms, specializing in mutual funds and transaction processing systems.

With such a number of large corporations present in the city, even the most experienced Milwaukee staffing firm might find it hard to identify the city’s top talent. If you are a recruiter or staffing agency that is looking for the perfect hire, read on to learn the best hiring strategies.

Reach Out to the Local Job Centers

As of June 2019, the unemployment rate in Milwaukee is at 3.9 percent, which is higher than in other big metropolitan areas. This shows that the city has workers who are currently looking for job opportunities.

To find those who are currently on the lookout for jobs, get in touch with the Milwaukee unemployment office. There is a good chance that the local job centers will introduce you to skilled but unemployed workers.

Hire Fresh Graduates

Wisconsin is the home to eighty-five colleges and universities. Every staffing firm knows that there is a large number of fresh graduates each year, and they are all looking for job opportunities.

If you are willing to train fresh grads, start nurturing relationships with local universities. Attend job fairs and contact colleges to let them know that you have interesting internship and apprenticeship programs for their students.

Network with Local Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs always know the brightest people in town. By networking with local professionals, you build valuable relationships, which can help you accelerate your business.

If you are looking for a specialist, your professional network can recommend you people you would not find on job boards. To meet the right people, dedicate a couple of days every month to visit business events in Milwaukee. Soon you will have a network of professional partners who can help you find the best candidates.

Work Closely with the Local Milwaukee Staffing Firm

Recruitment companies in Milwaukee know how to find the best candidate and have a big network of people who are willing to work on new projects.

To accelerate the hiring process, reach out to a local recruiting firm. An experienced team will fix the first interview in less than a week. If you do not have much time, working with a staffing company is the best option.

Give Enough Information to the Recruitment Company You Are Working With

To find the perfect hire in no time, it makes the most sense to provide your recruitment firm in Milwaukee with the most detailed information. Include what you are looking for in a candidate, what tasks he or she will be performing, and what benefits you are ready to offer.

Make your job posting exciting and interesting. Only by showing applicants what they can expect from you, you will attract the brightest candidates on the job market. Plus, a detailed job description will ward off candidates who have the wrong skill set and help a staffing firm in Milwaukee understand your expectations.